Thibault Sellam

News: Since Februrary 2019, I'm at Google AI in NYC. I work on Language. Stay tuned for updates!

How to pronounce my name: Tee-Bo—it's French!


I am a postdoc at the WuLab, within the Data Science Institute of Columbia University, in New York. I build systems to help data scientists interact with complex statistical models (e.g., deep neural networks) and large databases. More broadly, I am interested in anything that involves AI, data management and people. Relevant keywords are data exploration, data mining, debugging in machine learning, interpretability, and human-in-the-loop analytics.

I am also a music nerd—when I am not at the office, you may find me play with a band, an orchestra or enjoy one of New York's many music venues. I also like to apply ML to music, see examples here.

Previously, I was a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam and CWI (the Netherlands), and before that I was a software engineer at JP Morgan in London (UK).